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Bluetooth module for Nucular Controller, please note that this module currently in BETA, avaible for testing on request.
Join telegram group to participate in test: External Link


This guide outlines the steps to connect a Bluetooth module to your Nucular controller using the System cable CAN 12V. This wireless connection provides a convenient way to control the Nucular controller without the need of the display. Additionally, it includes information on updating the Bluetooth module firmware for enhanced functionality and some basic troubleshooting.


  1. Nucular controller
  2. Bluetooth module
  3. System cable (CAN) with 12V supply
  4. Power source for the Nucular controller
  5. Compatible Android device (e.g., smartphone, tablet) (Apple devices will be supported later)

Install the Bluetooth module

Step 1: Connect the Bluetooth Module to System Cable (CAN)
Use the System cable (CAN) to connect the Bluetooth module to the designated port on the Nucular controller. Ensure a secure and stable connection.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on Your Device
On your smartphone or tablet, navigate to the Bluetooth settings and enable Bluetooth functionality.

Step 3: Pairing the Devices on the application
Download and install application from telegram group.
The password is 111122


At the moment files stored in following directory: /Android/data/com.example.nucular_app/files