Configuration files

Download file, copy it to microSD card (FAT/FAT32 filesystem), insert into display and go to Controller - Updates and settings - Import.
Don't change filename, or controller will not find it. If it was renamed by system (multiple files with same name) you need to fix filename.
Standard names for controller configurations: ncconf.cfg, ncconf2.cfg, …, ncconf9.cfg

Small geared motors

Includes PID regulators preset for small geared motors.
Import configuration 6

Sur-Ron Light Bee, 3 speed mode, configuration

Standard surron configuration.
Default 16S battery (110A peak, 90A nominal), 500A phase, 48T wheel sprocket.
Import configuration 3 for P24F
Import configuration 2 for older controllers

Talaria Sting MX3, 3 speed mode, 8kW configuration

Talaria MX3 configuration.
Default 38.4Ah 16S battery, 500A phase, 13-44T sprockets.
Import configuration 5

Talaria Sting MX4, 3 speed mode, 11kW configuration

Talaria MX4 configuration.
Default 43.5Ah 16S battery, 500A phase, 13-44T sprockets.
You can setup up to 220A battery current at your own risk, this may damage battery!
Import configuration 7

Talaria XXX, 3 speed mode, 6.6kW configuration

Talaria configuration.
Default 16S battery 110A, 400A phase, 14-48T sprockets.
Import configuration 8