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Motor Information

Motor values measured with Nucular controller, inductance measured at 1khz sine under high current (10A+ depends on motor)

MotorPole pairR mOhmeRPM/VD uHQ uHWeightAdd. info
QS Motor 165-35H v17124831891967.1kgKTY83, Encoder 4096
QS Motor 165-35H v25932387136 KTY83, Encoder 4096
KO RS motor for SurRon48.137886126 add 3.3k resistor between red and yellow
Torp TM2554.347048599.8kgadd 3.3k resistor between A and 5V
Sur-Ron Light Bee515.146582917.3kgKTY84, belt ratio 23:51 (2.22)
Talaria Sting TL3000510.74857380 KTY84, Encoder 4096, gearbox 2.467?
Arctic leopard E517.7371108155 KTY83, encoder 1024, gearbox 2.95
Sotion motor58.6433597415kg
QS Motor v2 205 \ Cromotor23
QS Motor v3 205 \ 26016
QS Motor 21226
QS Motor 138 70H58.74044962
QS Motor 138 90H59.13196277
QS Motor 90 mid drive 1kW 56.3260280412
Magic Pie28
Mxus 1500-3000W23
Crysatlyte H, Crown, Nine Continent20
Crysatlyte NSM, SAW23
E-Twow \ Kugo15
MAC \ eZee \ BMC \ Puma16 5:1
LMX \ Denzel4
Bafang BBSHD4 21.9:1
Nissan leaf EM57421.182252739huge
Nissan leaf EM57 Delta48.414590264huge
Denzel D7500339.72131363388kgKTY84